Meet Our Couples

and their experiences with new journey farms

Tori & Hunter

We are so excited to say our “I Do’s” at New Journey Farms Aug. 2020! 

We had a pumpkin patch proposal! When Hunter got down on one knee, I immediately got butterflies in my stomach. I knew at that moment what he was about to do. He asked me the easiest question I had ever been asked, “Will you marry me?”

We chose New Journey Farms because it’s absolutely Beautiful. This Venue has everything a couple would want for their wedding. We love the location and also love that there are hotels close by for our out of town guests. We both knew that we wanted a venue where we could have an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception held at the same place. Once we met Mike and Robin, we knew immediately we had truly found the venue of our dreams. They really know how to take care of their couples. They are very friendly and very easy to work with. They treat you like family and work with you to make sure to make your dream wedding come true. We are so glad to have NJF as part of our Love Story!

Our incredible love story began 3 years ago. We met while working at Texas Roadhouse. We started off as friends and ended up falling in love. We are so excited to say our “I Do’s” at New Journey Farms Aug. 2020! 

We had a pumpkin patch proposal! We went to the pumpkin patch to get “fall pictures”, so I thought, and to also pick our pumpkins out. Hunter made arrangements with his sisters to take the pictures and capture the perfect moment at sunset. When Hunter got down on one knee, I immediately got butterflies in my stomach. I knew at that moment what he was about to do. He asked me the easiest question I had ever been asked, “Will you marry me?”

We chose New Journey Farms because it’s absolutely Beautiful. This Venue has everything a couple would want for their wedding. We love the location and also love that there are hotels close by for our out of town guests. We both knew that we wanted a venue where we could have an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception held at the same place. Once we met Mike and Robin, we knew immediately we had truly found the venue of our dreams. They really know how to take care of their couples. They are very friendly and very easy to work with. They treat you like family and work with you to make sure to make your dream wedding come true. We are so glad to have NJF as part of our Love Story!

Courtney & Matt

Our six years together have been filled with travel, concerts, and adventure, but after living in Bloomington for four years we are thrilled to be back home with family and friends. After our engagement in October 2018 we were excited to start the hunt for a wedding venue.

"We had the best experience with New Journey Farms from start to finish... Mike and Robin were so accommodating and helpful in working with us to keep things as stress-free as possible. They went above and beyond to make sure that things ran smoothly and all details were taken care of on our wedding day... Working with Mike and Robin felt like hanging out with friends we'd known forever. Cannot say enough good things about New Journey Farms"

Emily & Tucker

As soon as we got engaged, our family and friends all said, "it's about time." We have been together for seven years, watched each other graduate from Purdue, lived in separate states while pursuing our careers, and now are finally tying the knot.

"We couldn't be any more thrilled to be starting this next chapter at New Journey Farms. The venue itself is beautiful, but Robin and Mike sold us! From the moment we walked in the barn, we felt welcome and at home. They have been nothing but accommodating, transparent, and helpful throughout this process."

Lorelei & Jack

We met back in high school and now, here we are getting married six years later in our home town. From being awkward teenagers, to going through college together (Go Hoosiers), to watching each other graduate, we have come a long way in our relationship and our love for each other. We are thrilled to start this next chapter and feel so thankful for this life God has given us.

"After meeting with Mike and Robin, and touring their beautiful venue, we had no doubt it was THE one. Their professionalism and fun personalities in tandem with a spacious and multipurpose spot is perfect for everything we had imagined!"

Leilah & Tim

We met on a blind date that was set up by a mutual friend in February 2019, and from that night, we knew we had something special. Pizza, ice skating, and ice cream--what better way to get to know the love of your life?! Since then, we have gone on numerous adventures including camping, hiking, kayaking, and even a trip to Washington, D.C.! We got engaged in October 2019 while in our pajamas and playing a favorite card game, surrounded by loved ones. It was the best night of our lives, and we can't wait to have another memorable day at New Journey Farms on July 10, 2020!

"When we visited NJF for the first time, we both had an inkling about it, and we decided that it felt like "us." The wide open space, the beautiful windows, the unique staircase, and the overall atmosphere is the most welcoming feeling. Mike and Robin made our vision come to life as they listened and talked with us about our plans for our big day. We are beyond thrilled to have family and friends come to NJF to help us embark on the happiest journey of our lives!"

Erin & Alec

I met most of Alec’s family before I met him. At the time, he was living in Virginia and I was living with one of his sisters who is now one of my closest friends! When Alec moved back to the Lafayette area, he started coming to Clear River Church and hanging out with us pretty regularly. His family and most of our friends would nudge us together, drop major hints that we liked each other, and lovingly scheme behind our backs. Many months later, our friendship grew into dating and we quickly knew God (and basically everyone around us) had brought us together. In November of 2019 Alec proposed surrounded by candles, twinkle lights, and a couple of Chick-fil-A shakes.

"When we toured New Journey Farms, we immediately fell in love. It's such a beautiful space. Mike and Robin really did think of everything... They have been incredibly helpful in talking with us and helping us envision our wedding day. It's clear that Mike and Robin really care about their clients."

Madison & John

We’ve always known God’s timing is perfect and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to us. After dating for two and a half years, John popped the question on November 3, 2018 at a cattle sale in Lima, Ohio. We are so grateful that we share the same passion for the livestock industry.

"After meeting Mike and Robin for the first time, we had no doubt in our minds that the venue we had always dreamed of would be finished and perfect by September 7th! We can’t wait to celebrate our big day at New Journey Farms"

Brittney & Zach

As local high school sweethearts, we are lucky to have already spent a majority of our lives together. We’ve experienced days full of laughter, Cubs & Purdue games, numerous vehicles, and countless memories that we will always remember from our first 14 years.

"Since our engagement in March of 2018, we have been planning the wedding of our dreams. I know that New Journey Farms is going to make this chapter in our love story complete!"

Mackinze & Chase

Meeting the first week of college at Ball State University, we were pretty much always together hanging out as friends and then our friendship grew into us dating. Chase proposed during our Senior Year Spring Break at Universal Studios. He got down on one knee with an engraved Harry Potter wand asking, "Will You Marry Me?"

"We want to thank Robin and Mike for being so accommodating and helping with our wedding location change. Looking forward to October 19, 2019!"

Hannah & Jonathon

Jonathon and Hannah met 5 years ago on a 21 hour drive to Amarillo, Texas to work together on a Habitat for Humanity build. God’s plan and timing brought them together and they are ready to begin their new journey as husband and wife on New Year’s Eve at St. Boniface Catholic Church. Their celebration will continue with a cocktail reception ringing in the new year with family and friends at New Journey Farms.

Julie & Matthew

We met when Matthew was working as nurse in the pediatric cardiac ICU and Julie began rotating as a pediatric ICU doctor in training. Our friendship grew into long conversations outside of work and finally a first date. After a few dates, it was clear that we had each found our other half. Matthew proposed on a mountain side in Estes Park after a snowy hike to Emerald Lake. We plan to be married in Julie's childhood church. After the ceremony, we can't wait to celebrate our reception with family and friends at New Journey Farms. We can't think of a more beautiful place to begin our love story.

Alyssa & Jacob

From a storybook our lives have finally intertwined and no our mothers, best friends for over 40 years, did not set us up. Jake and I connected the instant we met for our first movie date. Almost like we had been together all the years we've known of each other. We instantly began sharing our dreams, passions, and love for family. Every day still feels almost too good to be true. We are excited to celebrate our marriage with a vow renewal and reception on our 2 year anniversary with all of our family and friends present at New Journey Farms!

Kaitlyn & Steve

After meeting as students at Purdue University, we knew we had found something special in one another. Fast forward 4 years, 3 degrees, 1 dog, and 3 states later, we're finally tying the knot! Although it has been a long and wild ride, we are so thankful for all of the adventures, friends, and experiences we've gained along the way.

"When it came to finding a venue, it only took one visit for us to realize that this was the place for us. We couldn't be more excited to start our new life together at New Journey Farms!"

Hailey & Jared

Our journey began back in 2011 in high school. If you are from Lafayette then you know that Madeira Beach was the place to be for spring break. We had our first date on a beach one night during that week. The dating period of our lives came full circle when Jared proposed in Florida years later on Halloween in 2019. The last eight years have been filled with love and laughter and we cannot be more ecstatic to continue this love story as husband and wife.

"The Humphrey’s have been close friends of Hailey’s family since her birth. It was an obvious choice to have our wedding at New Journey Farms. We get to spend our wedding day not only loving and supporting each other as we take the biggest step towards our future but we also get to support a family we love with their newest life adventure. May 22, 2021 can’t come soon enough!"

Melissa & Zane

Zane and I first met in high school but did not start dating until well after we graduated. We began dating during the spring of 2018 and quickly became inseparable so we made the decision to move in together since we had spent months traveling to see each other while I was finishing up grad school. Since then, we have spent most of our time laughing and making memories we will treasure for years to come. After about 2 years of dating, Zane proposed just before the Christmas of 2019, and it was the best early Christmas gift I could ever ask for! 

When it came to picking the perfect venue, we knew as soon as we stepped inside that New Journey Farms was the place we wanted to start the next chapter of our lives. Mike and Robin were so welcoming and continue to be incredibly helpful to us during the process of planning a wedding. We cannot wait to spend our special day with the people we love gathered in this gorgeous venue! 

David & Mandy

We met at a ballroom dance lesson at our alma mater and have been dancing together ever since! While on an Alaskan cruise, David proposed on the top deck of the ship. Mandy said yes twice because David didn't hear her over the wind the first time!

After taking a tour of NJF, we knew this was the venue for us! Robin has been incredibly helpful, as well as their in house event designer, Sarah. We can't wait to get married (and dance!) in this gorgeous venue surrounded by friends and family!  

Kylie & Eli

We met our freshman year at Purdue and spent the next three years making great memories with both each other and our friends. In the winter of our senior year, we got engaged in the most romantic way. We frequently write letters to one another and for our engagement, Eli had compiled every letter he had ever wrote me that when laid side-by-side spelled out “will you marry me.” We have been blessed with the most amazing life together thus far and cannot wait for what God has in store for us!

The elegance and rustic charm of New Journey Farms led us to fall in love with the venue immediately. It was the first and ONLY venue we ever looked at! We know it is going to be the most perfect place for our big day.

Meagan & Kaleb

Kaleb and I met the summer of 2017! He was in the police academy and I was getting ready for my first year of college! We went on our first date where I made a first impression by hitting his car with my car door and staining my pants with food! Fast forward to November of 2019, we took a trip to Chicago with my mom and his parents! The weather was horrible so I was surprised nobody called the trip off! Kaleb proposed and caught me completely off guard because I had no idea that it was coming!

New Journey Farms has been on my radar for a wedding venue since Kaleb proposed! Unfortunately, Kaleb couldn't make it when I toured NJF, but he was sent plenty of pictures of it! I absolutely fell in love with the venue and Kaleb and I decided this was the perfect place and we cannot wait for September 2021!

Maria & Adam

We met in 2015, as freshmen at Purdue, and became quick friends. Then, in the fall of our sophomore year, we both realized we wanted to be more than just friends and began dating! We loved our time at Purdue together. After graduating we both found jobs in our hometowns 3 hours apart. After two years of long distance, we are excited to get married and begin our journey together.

We had originally planned to have our wedding in June. We had looked into New Journey Farms, but had chosen a different venue because of size (we both come from large families). Then a world pandemic erupted and our plans were turned upside down. We pushed the wedding back to July, but were crushed when our previous venue postponed all events until August. We immediately looked into New Journey Farms when we realized our numbers would be smaller. We were ecstatic when NJF said they had availability for our date. Robin has been extremely helpful and optimistic throughout the chaos of last minute changes. We are so grateful that NJF is now a part of our story.

Katie & Caleb

We met our junior year at Butler when our sorority and fraternity were paired together for Homecoming. After dating for four years, Caleb brought us back to our alma mater and proposed under the bell tower. Soon we will be getting married on our five year dating anniversary!

We fell in love with New Journey Farms as soon as we toured the venue and Mike and Robin have been so helpful throughout the wedding planning process. We cannot wait to celebrate our marriage at NJF this fall!

Kesli & Anthony

Anyone that knows us wouldn't be surprised to learn we met at the ball park. Softball is a huge part of both of our lives, and it is what brought us together in the first place. After hitting it off as friends, we eventually fell in love.

While on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, Anthony proposed on the beach during our family pictures. It was the perfect surprise on the perfect trip. We can't wait for our big day next July at New Journey Farms!

The minute we found New Journey Farms through a friend, we were immediately in love. Just looking at the pictures online, I knew this was where we were going to get married. Once we toured the facility with Mike and Robin, we knew it was the only place that we could possibly say I do.

Molly & Scott

Scott and I met on a Thursday night in the middle of Summer. My friends and I decided we should go to the piano bar that night. Little did I know I would meet my best friend and love of my life! I was home from college and Scott was still in town working for the kids camp at Purdue. Both of us were going into our senior year of college and neither of us was really looking for a serious relationship. Boy did God had a different plan for the both of us! As my friends and I were leaving the bar, Scott ran out of the bar after me and asked if he could have my number. Of course, I gave it to him and now three years later I thank God every day that I did! In these short three years, Scott and I have traveled the country, coast to coast together. He is my most favorite travel partner and I look forward to seeing where life (and the Air Force) takes us. 

The minute we saw New Journey Farms we fell in love. The space is absolutely stunning. Robin and Mike have been so great through this entire process. They have been extremely helpful and patient with us especially with a pandemic going on! We cannot wait to celebrate with our friends and family at New Journey Farms Winter 2020!

Braylee & Bryce

We met as young teenagers in high school. We were friends on social media and never officially met. God sure had a plan, he introduced us when we were young but we weren’t ready for each other yet. Fast forward a few years God reconnected us. He told us we were ready for each other and now here we are. Saying I do to forever, and we couldn’t be happier. We were meant for each other and can’t wait to grow, cherish and love one another.

When we got engaged the day after, we went to new journey farms and we truly fell in love with how beautiful it was and said yes to the venue right away. Mike and Robin made us feel so comfortable and welcomed. We can’t wait till our big day!

Laura & Tyler

Ours is a love story of God’s faithfulness and His perfect timing. It was fall of 2016, in the small town of Rensselaer, IN, where both Tyler and I had grown up. I was visiting home from college for the weekend, spending time with friends, when we reconnected.  Our first date was Sushi and a movie. We chatted daily over the distance-- he was working in Remington while I studied in Indianapolis-- and looked forward eagerly to weekends together. On New Year's Eve, as the sparkling room counted down to midnight, Tyler asked me to be his girlfriend. 

Every year, we escape to St. Joseph, Michigan to enjoy the beach and the surrounding wineries. This area will always be special to us because it's where we said our first I love you. And it was on August 31st, 2019, during our 3rd annual trip to St. Joseph, at the end of an intimate walk in the vineyards of Tabor Hill Winery, that Tyler asked me to marry him. 

Tyler and I are so excited to finally be married on April 24th, 2021, and to hold our reception at New Journey Farms. When touring, we both instantly fell in love with the venue and the surrounding scenery, and we knew NJF was the place we wanted to take this new, important step together. I know our cocktail hour outdoors will be beautiful and bright, and I look forward to the intimacy and fun of our indoor reception with family and friends. Mike and Robin have been so accommodating, and we thank them for all they are doing to make our wedding the best day yet of our love story

Cameron & Dave

Our mutual friend Kate got the idea to set us up in the summer of 2019. We went on a double date with Kate and her husband Josh on July 27, 2019. We had a great time at Top Golf and hanging out at Kate and Josh's home afterward. Things must have gone pretty well because Dave stayed so long he was a few hours late to a family reunion in Brown County that same day. Fast forward through 11 months of adventuring to state parks, riding our bikes on the Monon trail, meeting family and friends, and growing to know and love one another more...Dave asked me to marry him on June 27, 2020. We are looking forward to our wedding day on February 27, 2021, at New Journey Farms. 

From the moment Robin so graciously agreed to a last minute tour of NJF, and Mike greeted us at the venue, we knew this was going to be good. Dave and I were impressed by how transparent and kind both Robin and Mike were through the NJF venue visit. We can tell that both of them want NJF to be a special place for couples to have their big day, and we cannot wait to have our wedding at NJF in February!

Erin & Michael

The story of us began over 6 years ago meeting through mutual friends. Michael and I hit it off right away. Since it was still winter time with snow on the ground we would go sledding, snowmobiling and our first date was skiing at Perfect North Slopes in southern Indiana. Funny thing was I told Michael I was going to purchase my own lift ticket and he didn’t like that so we didn’t talk the entire way there! It ended up being the best first date ever! Fast forward through us both graduating college and starting our careers. My brother goes to Jackson Hole, Wyoming every year for a ski trip and has always wanted us to go and it just never really worked out until this year. I asked Michael if he would want to go and without a doubt or question he said yes! I was so excited for the trip that I wanted a new ski outfit and little did I know Michael was going to propose! I couldn’t find anything here in Lafayette so I was determined to hopefully find a new outfit there! Michael had planned to propose the first day we went skiing (and carried the ring with him all day hidden in a sock and then a shoe in his bookbag!) but due to elevation sickness my brother had gotten sick and Michael didn’t want to propose without him there. Thank goodness because that night I found the perfect outfit that I loved! The next day we headed out to ski as well and we got to the top of the mountain taking in the breathtaking view with family and friends and I turn around and Michael is on one knee! I was absolutely so surprised and excited and I of course said YES! Cheers to #BurkeandErnie!

We believe New Journey Farms would be the perfect place to start our next chapter of our lives together, with its remote location, and simple but elegant style. Mike and Robin have been very friendly and helpful as we try and plan the wedding our our dreams!

Sydney & Kyle

Kyle and I met on the dating app Bumble and I am forever thankful that we did. Kyle is a crane operator and was working in Indiana when we matched with each other. We never proceeded with a relationship due to Kyle working on the road. Fast forward a few years and God's plan was to have us together. Multiple dates and multiple road trips to see each other resulted in an engagement! Kyle is from Iowa and I will be moving to Iowa soon.

We are SO excited to start our journey at New Journey Farms! I toured New Journey Farms with my parents and Kyle wasn't in town at the time. My parents and I fell in love instantly. The atmosphere, the charm, and all of the details of the venue are absolute beautiful. Kyle was finally able to see the venue and was also in awe at how amazing it was.
We can't wait for all of our family and friends to celebrate our marriage with us in March 2021!

Skyler & Kolten

We have known each other since elementary school. We were actually in each other’s fifth grade class. We did not start dating, however, until our junior year of high school. Both of us decided to attend Purdue University together, where our relationship continued to grow. Kolten proposed in Indianapolis and we had an amazing dinner over looking the city at the Eagle’s Nest afterwards.

After our engagement, we began the search to look at venues. Our first stop was New Journey Farms and we were sold right away. Mike and Robin built a beautiful venue that sold itself! Shortly after touring, we knew New Journey Farms was where we wanted to have our wedding!

Courtney & Ryan

Ryan and myself have been together 4 and a half years! We met about 6 years ago when Ryan helped myself and one of my roommates move into our apartment, although the timing wasn’t right then, we found ourselves in each other’s presence again 2 years after that and the connection was undeniable! So it’s safe to say the rest was history!

Now all that time later we have two beautiful babies, Tatum and Jaxson! All were waiting on is the wedding of our dreams to put the cherry on top! We are extremely excited to have our wedding at New Journey Farms! It is a literal dream to have our friends and family come celebrate our love at this beautiful venue! April 10, 2021 cannot come fast enough!

Riley & Brock

Brock and I met online and had an instant connection over Mexican food and bowling so we of course had to experience them together for our first date. Five years later, we have expanded our palates and now love trying all new different types of food and activities in the greater Lafayette area. Five pets, three apartments, and one house later, we are still finding out new things about each other. After both graduating from Purdue, we decided to venture into student housing property management in West Lafayette. Having little to no free time during the week, our weekends are always full of friends, dinners, and game nights! 

When it came to choosing a venue, we knew New Journey Farms was the right fit for us, even before stepping inside. Mike and Robin were so welcoming and made the entire process of planning our wedding a breeze. We can’t wait to spend our special day dancing, drinking, and making memories with the people we love.

Claire & Jacob

Our story began back in high school when I asked Jacob to be my date to the "Sunshine" dance our freshman year. I guess he had fun, because we made it to every high school dance together after that! After a couple of years of living halfway across the country from each other (and 3 months of only communicating by letter!) for college and the military, we got engaged in Washington, DC.
NJF was the first and only venue we looked at, I fell in love as soon as I walked in! The staircase and reception area are huge and beautiful, but I can't lie when I say that I might be most excited to get ready in the awesome bridal suite! Robin and Mike are really what brings the venue together, they are so helpful and accommodating, and I know our wedding day will be amazing! We are so excited to tie the knot and officially start our journey together at NJF in May!

Makenzie and Austin

In 2016 after a year working at the same company, we found ourselves (literally) running in the same circle after some coworkers started a 6:00 AM Friday morning workout group. My friends called me crazy and said 6:00 AM was too early for just to meet some boy. That first morning the group met in a parking lot at Ball State it was down pouring the entire time. He showed off doing pushups and I kicked his butt during the run… It was pretty much the beginning of a Nicolas Sparks movie. It only took two more weeks of Facebook messages, IMs, and awkwardly dropping by his cubicle to get his number.

After nearly a month of 6:00 AM workouts we had our first “real” date and a few weeks later Austin surprised me with a trip to Louisville where he asked me to be his girlfriend. Nearly 4 years later on February 21, 2020 he took me back to Louisville and proposed right in the middle of Fourth Street. 

The minute we stepped into NJF we knew we found our perfect venue. We were absolutely stunned by its beauty and can't wait to tie the knot on July 10, 2021! 

Hayden & Josh

Bio coming soon!