established in 2018

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My wife and I are Purdue grads and 24 years ago, we established our home in Tippecanoe County. Our family has been and are active supporters of the McCutcheon and the TSC school system, and we value our small town Indiana upbringing and sense of community.

Our venue journey actually began during a wedding reception 4 years ago. It was a beautiful event that started the dream, but also gave us ideas on how to improve the experience. The search gained momentum in 2018 and while trying to find the right venue for our oldest daughter’s wedding. Location, convenience, amenities, and price were all factors that we considered. Many choices were fine, but what if we could have a venue that offered new construction, a chic interior, with bridal suites, modern facilities, climate controlled, and at a beautiful and convenient location to major highways, hotels, and restaurants. So it’s time to build— and New Journey Farms went from an idea to reality.

Did I mention we have 4 daughters…and what about the possibility of 4 weddings in the future?? And yes —- we will offer sibling discounts for future events!

If you are looking for the right place for your wedding ceremony and reception, your company meeting or awards ceremony, a beautiful venue for your charitable event, or even a large family gathering…...you have come to the right place. From the moment you first see our property, we hope you share our same thought —Let our adventure begin at New Journey Farms.